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                                 TheNarcissistin themirrorAt once hilariouslyclever and subtly dark,The Narcissist in theMirror explores theheedless self-indulgenceof a girl who expectsthe world to fallat her feet.                                interiors                                                                                                                                                                                                        We caught up with writer, Rosie Fleeshman, and director/producer Sue Jenkins at the Millgate Arts Centre in Delph fora chat about working with family, the art of spoken word andall things narcissistic.Welcome to Saddleworth and the Millgates arts centre, isthis your  rst time here?Sue: Yes - this really is a beautiful and intimate venue thatseems to capture the audience’s attention. Hopefully it will notbe the last time we perform here.Rosie: This is the perfect venue to hold a spoken word play; thelighting and acoustics help concentrate on the performanceand we can’t wait to return.So this isn’t the  rst time you have produced and directeda theatre production, but it is the  rst project you haveworked with your daughter, Rosie, on?Sue: Working together on this has been our  rst fullcollaborative project. It has had its challenges but we bothwork really well together, and have the advantage of being ableto be completely open and honest about creative opinions and‘tell it straight’, for want of a better phrase.