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Preview of the Award Winning Play directed by Sue Jenkins

Rosie Fleeshman is performing her funny, looking at my own  aws. The play has serious 
thoughtful and immensely brave one-woman moments but it is very funny as well, because 

show, Narcissist in the Mirror, in Saddleworth the character doesn’t take herself too seriously. 
on Sunday 22nd October as part of the  rst It’s poignant too, the revelation of looking at 
‘Saddleworth Live’ season at the Millgate Arts yourself in the mirror. I think a lot of people 
Centre in Delph.
don’t ever really learn to do that 100 per cent. 

The award-winning play is directed by her My trip away made me take a sharp look at Sue Jenkins
mother, the respected theatre director, Sue 
Jenkins. We asked Sue, (who is perhaps best “It is almost like a musical in that the character 
known for her television acting roles as will be talking normally and then go off into a 
Coronation Street’s GloriaTodd and Brookside’s poem. I’m using the same artistic license.”

Jackie Corkhill) what it was like directing her “It’s also very much about the millennials, my 
own daughter. She told us: “It’s been fascinating 
working with Rosie and I feel very proud generation.We feel very entitled but we are a 
watching her work. I always knew she was a little bit confused as well.The world is telling us 
we have never had it easier and yet we are 
superb actress, but only recently discovered struggling.” Rosie quickly adds,“Narcissist is not 
what a talented writer she is”.
me. It’s not my story. She’s very much a 
Rosie Fleeshman, 24, is the youngest member character I’m playing. But there is a lot of me in 
of the Fleeshman family. Her Mum, Sue Jenkins it.”
and Dad, David Fleeshman are both well-known 
Sue says: “We are thrilled to be bringing 
actors from years of TV and theatre, as are her ‘Narcissist’ to the Millgate.. We’ve heard how 
brother Richard and sister Emily.
great the audiences are there.The play is a one 
Rosie explains how she came to write this woman show but after the interval, we’re both 
darkly comic, witty and, at times, intensely looking forward to an interesting Q&A session!” 
moving play, which seamlessly incorporates her For more information and tickets, visit www. 

own poetry.

“After graduating from drama school and WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY ROSIE 
 oating about a bit waiting for work, I had a FLEESHMAN; PRODUCED AND DIRECTED 
small existential crisis and I booked a one-way BY SUE JENKINS
ticket to Bangkok, where I spent seven months 
writing in my diary and began writing poetry. 2017, 7.30PM, £10 (tickets from Delph Library 
What interested me in turning these poems Rosie Fleeshman
into a 60-minute show, is that they were all
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