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WHY would a dynamic career
“I met a few of the golfers, but, to be honest, it 
was quite surreal,” he said shyly.

professional give up a £40,000 a
“I was interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live, Sky 
Sports News, NBC America, PGA News. And 

year job to follow a dream?
the public were so interested Jet became an 
instant hit for pictures and sel es.”

Ken Bennett learns the secret of The Bird Hepaused,re ectedandsaid:“I hadtomake 
sacri ces to get here...”
Man Who Came Down To Earth
“Was it worth it? Yes, I have a life which is 
mine and I’m fortunate that for the support my 
family gave me.”
Bearded Luke Summers was at the top of his lost my mind to leave such a comfortable 
“The lads at Saddleworth RoundTable (he’s the game attending a glitzy black-tie dinner at a six- lifestyle to one which includes dealing with rats, 

secretary) have been immense in their support: star German hotel to receive an accolade for mice, cockroaches and other pests.”
they keep me balanced.”
top sales  gures in a global insurance company.
“Mitie facilities gave me the break I was 
He looked over the “On paper life looked amazing,” he con ded. desperately seeking. I managed to convince 
dramatic moorland l “In fact I was struggling. I had always loved being them and they gave me a six-month contract as 
andscape and added: in the elements, whether  shing or horse riding a trainee pest technician. I started, got my van 

“If you have a passion or just being out on the moors. Being at peace and began my new life ... what had I done?”
anything is possible.”
with nature made me happy.”
“I paid and past my exams and through the 
“It’d never too “I learned to appreciate the outdoors from an regulatory British Pest Control Association, 
late to change
early age,” he explained.“Our family cottage in became a  eld biologist.”
and follow Canada opened my eyes to a different world.”
Now, three years on, Luke has spent a rari ed 
your dreams...”
“Even in this day, one can still decide to live a week giving interviews to the world’s media as 

different life, so here is my story...”
Of cial Falconer forThe Open golf championship 
“I came home, I couldn’t work in the corporate at Royal Birkdale.

world anymore. It had beaten me. It was time For 14 hours each day, the 40-year-old from 
to put my passion into my career - my passion High Crompton, and his feathered guardians 
for nature and for living outdoors, with nature.”
diligently protecting the fairways, eating andVIP 

“I began applying for roles as a pest control areas from seagulls and pigeons.And his Harris 
surveyor but no one would give me a chance - Hawk Gin and Jet, the peregrine falcon, took 
the starring roles.
plus I wasn’t quali ed. In truth, they thought I’d

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 10am - 5pm 

Friday: 10am - 4pm 
Saturday: 10am - 4pm

The Kitchen, Bathroom & Bedroom Specialists

and it

Family run business with over 30 years experience • Made to Measure to meet your speciic needs.
No job to big or small with a free planning and design service available • Modern and traditional products available.

Telephone: 01706 558585 14 Milnrow Road . Shaw . Oldham . OL2 8EQ (Next door to the Shay Wake)

Mobile: 07388 735212
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