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The Advertiser is solely responsible for supplying suitable copy (including any artwork which may be required to be reproduced appropriate to the printing process) within a reasonable time before the production date and prior to the copy deadline date. In 
Chris Place
the event of the Publisher not receiving suitable copy by the deadline date the Publisher reserves the right to print either.
1.1. The name, address, telephone number and basic business category details of the Advertiser (if supplied)
or 1.2. other information, artwork or other material relating to the Advertiser, which the Publisher is able to obtain from sources generally available to the public in such circumstances, to the extent that the Advertiser shall own (or shall be deemed to own) intellectual property rights is such information, artistic/literary works or other material, the Advertiser shall be deemed to have granted to the Publisher a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free licence to reproduce such works and to exploit such intellectual 
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property rights for the purposes of that particular publication only.The Advertiser in accepting these terms also agrees to indemnity the Publisher against all cost, expenses, damages, fees and penalties which the publisher may incur of suffer as a result of the 
Publisher’s use of such publicly-available material.
Buxton Press
or 1.3. A previous advertisement printed on behalf of the Advertiser by the Publisher, and in respect of any case the Publisher will not be responsible for any error or omission arising there from. Effective notice of the copy deadline date will be deemed to have been given by the Publisher by sending written notice thereof by email or personally to the Advertiser at the address on the order form.
2. The Publisher reserve the right to include an index to the advertisements in the publication and will not be responsible to any Advertiser for any error or omission there from.
3. The Publisher reserves the right to position the advertisement as it sees  t not withstanding any preferred position requested by the Advertiser.
Front cover image supplied courtesy of Sam Brown 4. The Publisher does not accept liability for delays in publication. It is hereby agreed that delays in publication will not constitute a breach of this contract.
5. The order form, including these Terms and Conditions, constitutes the contract between the Advertiser and the Publisher and no employee or agent purporting to represent the Publisher has any right to vary the said Terms and Conditions unless 
Around Saddleworth Magazine is an independent con rmation for any special agreement is given in writing by a Partner of the Company.
publication, completely unconnected with any publication, 6. This contract shall be governed by the laws of England and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
past or present.
7. All artwork provided by the Advertiser to the Publisher shall remain the property of the Advertiser and shall remain at all times at the Advertisers risk.The Publisher does not accept liability for any damage or loss whilst in it’s custody nor during transit.
8. Acceptant by the Publisher of an order form is conditional upon either, (i) permission being given by the authority for the Advertisement to appear is the publication or (ii) suf cient numbers of Advertisers being obtained to complete the Publication if either 
No part of this publication may be reproduced or used without the express permission of the publisher. Every effort is made to ensure that the articles and condition is unful lled any monies paid by the Advertiser will be refunded by the Publisher is full and the Publisher shall have no further liability whatsoever.
advertisements that are carried are authentic, however the publisher of Around 9. I in the event that the Advertiser has not discharged all its liabilities to the Publisher arising from any other contract the Advertiser may have with the Publisher or any of its subsidiaries or associated companies, the Publisher reserves the right not to publish anyAdvertisements on behalf of theAdvertiser.Any deposit paid will not be refunded.
Saddleworth Magazine accepts no responsibility for claims made.
10. Payment for any advertisement is to be made on receipt of invoice which will be issued by the Publisher on receipt of order. 
COPY SUPPLIED FOR AD CREATION. In order for us to create your advertisements please supply all graphical  les at a high resolution (300dpi) and large  le size. File formats, EPS,TIFF AND JPEG, PANTONE REFERENCES FOR CORPORATE COLOURS, 
COPY SUPPLIED AS COMPLETE ARTWORK. In order for us to output your advertisement correctly please supply Acrobat PDF High-Res (300dpi) all colours CMYK. Please ensure that all levels are  attened when outputting artwork.
NOTE We cannot accept advertisements produced in Microsoft Publisher or Word.
COMPETITION NOTE No members of staff, family or friends of any company offering free competitions in this magazine are aloud to enter the relevant competition.


We aim to give 

a friendly, 
personal and 
• Extensive range of traditional medicines
• Lipotrim weight management programme
• Cholesterol Testing • Blood Pressure Monitoring
• Medication Reviews • Electronic Prescription Dispenser
• Free prescription collection and delivery service

We will collect and deliver your medicines to your home, work or 7 New Street, Uppermill 
why not collect from the pharmacy if you prefer. The service is free. 
Contact our staff for details.
Tel: 01457 820228



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